How To Fight Fatigue During Business Travel

Business travel can be a particularly draining and tiring venture and mental and physical fatigue are normal things that occur when you are constantly on the move or in business meetings. Whether I am on the street or handling a significant job, everything on my plate is complicated and requires tremendous imagination yet intense attention to detail. From the close of each day, I feel as if my mind is totally empty and I do not have anything left for my loved ones, let alone for myself. When you get hit by those double travelling days you’re not sure if you will make it to the other side and you know your performance will be less than perfect.

The matter is, these jobs are extremely interesting you are learning a great deal getting to enjoy many different destinations. But I can feel I am really on a path to squint when I do not work out how to recharge. After doing some research and trial and error on myself and consulting friends in the same situation I have come up with a few tips.

Get as much rest as you can. Yes, it is tempting and easy to stay up late watching TV. However, the reward is simply not there! I feel much better the next day should I sleep that extra hour instead of watching the latest drama. Sleep is very important and business coaching specialists say that sleep is the most important priority if you want to be the best you can be, so shut off the TV and get some of that precious sleep time. This is especially important when you are suffering from the dreaded jet lag. Try to adjust your sleep to the local time as best as you can before you end up crashing during the day.

Explore outside. Being in the office all day like being locked in an airtight cabinet and not getting to explore the beautiful city will turn you into a grump so take a few minutes during lunch or before a meeting to take walk and refresh. Even better, take your work or meetings outdoors if possible. Parks, terraces, and outdoor cafes are a welcome change of scenery to a bland office.

Do not forget to consume nutritious food. I have caught up in work which I will miss lunch without discovering. But when will I get to eat to fuel my body? Overdosing of coffee will not fuel your body properly, you need real food. When I am not in a meeting I will put an alarm so I do not skip important meals. Finest case scenario I eat mainly veggies and protein, but in a pinch, I will catch a cheese stick, granola bar, or sandwich. I maintain bars or peanut butter crackers in my travel bag if I am unable to escape the office to get a meal. Without enough food, you will become even more lethargic, do some productivity monitoring and you will see the difference in energy levels that good food makes.

Stay active. I feel more refreshed and energised when I work out a couple of times weekly. When it is a fast walk round the construction or a yoga course in a local studio, getting my blood going helps my mind in addition to mental performance. There is nothing like getting a good sweat on to clear your mind and satisfy your muscles.

Spend some time with friends. During busy travelling times it is so difficult to find time for social actions. However, social interactions are important to make plans with friends or go out for dinner after a meeting and put work aside. Do some sightseeing or go down to the local gallery to see the museum display and famous artworks. Seeing friends and taking your mind off work will improve your mental health and push the fatigue away.

Take small breaks. A break does not need to be 30 total minutes. It’s the little breaks that make a difference whether you are having a power nap at the airport or in the back of a taxi. A ten-minute rest can revitalise you and get you going for the rest of the day in no time. Going all day without breaks will surely wear you down very quickly unless you cannot avoid it, stay away from back to back meetings and travel.

Wind down every night. At the end of a busy day, make sure you take some time for yourself instead of scheduling at the last minute meeting. You could relax by the hotel pool with a magazine or get a massage to relax. Don’t push your body past its limits this will cause extra fatigue. Business travel is very demanding so book an extra day or night in on the trip to take time for yourself.