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How To Look After Your Furniture

Read on to learn how to clean dirt from wood furniture and tips on how to keep old wood furniture looking like new. Your furniture may look brand new right now, but to keep it that way, you need to accustom yourself to proper care. 

It is far more difficult to fix an infestation than to prevent it, so follow EPA guidelines and keep tree bugs and termites at bay before they destroy your real wood furniture. This creates another reason to make sure you know how to properly clean your wood furniture. The practice of caring for wooden furniture begins with the correct definition of the finish.

Use only warm water and mild dish soap to clean wooden furniture. Cleaning your furniture with water will not damage it, but be careful not to get it wet.

After cleaning the surface with a damp cloth, be sure to wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Remember to change your dust rags as often as possible, as a dirty cloth can scratch the surface of your furniture. Remove dust from furniture if necessary, but only when you can visually see dust – too much dust can abrade the surface.

Use a clean, soft, dry cloth but be careful not to catch the fibres of the plaster, veneer, inserts, or wood cracks. To clean plastic tables and other furniture, use a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Cleaning, wiping, polishing and using furniture oil for the wood surface with mild soap on a damp cloth will help maintain its appearance.

When cleaning wood furniture, never use all-purpose cleaners such as those used on kitchen tables unless your furniture has a plastic coating. Never saturate wood furniture when cleaning or pour solutions directly onto the wood; use a wrung out damp cloth and spray the solution onto the cloth or press down on it with water to form a soapy liquid. Use suitable furniture cleaners to prevent abrasions, tears, stains, and fading, among other things.

Polishing furniture and using a furniture oil stain gives it an elegant look and keeps it clean. This helps to avoid excessive accumulation of dust and debris, which can significantly degrade the appearance of the product.

Regular dust removal-every few days or so is the best way to keep furniture shiny and prevent dust from depositing on the wood. Soft fabrics and duvets work best, but they can remove dust from furniture rather than air. Lamb wool rags or slightly damp terry cloths with lanolin will absorb dust and leave it on the furniture for several days.

To protect the finish, apply furniture wax paste following the directions above. Apply wax polish once or twice a year to maintain waterproofness and shine. White rings form when moisture from a wet glass or hot plate enters the wood finish.

Do not use metal polish creams – they can stain the wood around the hardware and leave white deposits that are very difficult or impossible to remove. Also, do not use metal polishing wipes as they can lead to over-cleaning.

Never dry dust as this can cause microscopic scratches on the surface of the case. Clean wood furniture thoroughly regularly — as often as you clean your home — accumulated dust can scratch the surface. While dust can help remove debris, you need to deep clean your furniture regularly. The main advice for caring for wood furniture is to simply dust it regularly.

A special feature of wood furniture is that regular cleaning and basic care will keep it looking new. Over the years, if you take the time to clean and maintain it properly, your wood furniture can last for generations. Such furniture is easy to care for, but if done correctly, wooden furniture will last a long time.

Dust removal, scrubbing, waxing, and sometimes deep cleaning is all necessary steps to protect wood furniture that you need to be aware of. Care and maintenance of wood furniture usually involve dusting, cleaning, polishing, or waxing to keep your furniture looking its best.

Taking care of your wood furniture is easy and not time-consuming, and the reward for your efforts will be a home full of beautiful wood furniture that looks and feels as beautiful as the day you received it – now and for years to come.